How Stories Connect Us With Content

Here we talk a lot about the importance of story. At the Roadmap Conference we talked about how we use story to fuel design. Stories however are important in almost all aspects of our lives, because as a species we have learned over thousands of years to use stories to help us better convey the information we want to share and to forge stronger connections with our audience.

Recently at lunch we found ourselves talking about our favorite podcasts and were surprised to find that many of us listen to the same programs despite varied interests. We agreed that what drew us to these podcasts was the same… great storytelling.

These programs are great not just because they use story, but because they connect us with content we might not otherwise seek out on our own.

For example, if you are the kind of person who tends to skip over the Business section in the newspaper because stocks and economic indicators make your eyes roll back in your head, you might be surprised how you feel about the Planet Money podcast, which uses stories and characters to turns those things that make people want to skip the Business section into content that entertains.

Here are a few other recommendations to give a whirl on your next commute or roadtrip. Let us know what you think.


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